The Hattiesburg area Commiskey-Wheat Detachment is an active organization of Marines and associates. Membership and recruitment of other Marines assures that our Marine Corps history and traditions will have a long standing value in Hattiesburg.  By joining now, you will become a part of a growing association of Marines charting the direction of the Detachment.  You will also become vital to the growth and effectiveness of this organization in Hattiesburg area. 

Some of the goals of the Commiskey-Wheat Detachment are:

    * Family events
    * Fund raising activities, i.e., Commiskey-Wheat Det #1073 Golf Tournament
    * Color and Honor Guards
    * Marine and veteran assistance
    * Community service
    * Marine Corps Birthday Ball
    * Semper Fi Breakfast Club

    * Other social activities.

We invite you to join, participate, and be a part of that special camaraderie of being a Marine.
For further information contact:
Phone (601)

In order to become a regular member of the Marine Corps League, you must have served on active duty as a Marine for a minimum period of 90 days, and if discharged or retired, provide a copy of an Honorable Discharge, or form DD-214.

Memberships are also available to individuals, such as Naval Corpsmen, who are interested in participating with the Marine Corps League.  Associates who served in another branch must have honorable service. 

Membership dues for new members are $35 and renewals are $32.00 per year and include a subscription to the Marine Corp League magazine.  You will also receive a membership card and lapel pin.  There are other benefits and services that are made available to members in addition to local events, activities, programs, and the camaraderie of other Marines.

CLICK HERE for an application.

For information on other Mississippi Detachments, CLICK HERE.

Lifetime memberships are available for any current member of the Marine Corps League who is in good standing.