SECTION 100 - ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES - These procedures are authorized by Article 112 of the Department Bylaws.  They amplify and provide detailed guidance for the implementation of the Department Bylaws.  The Ordinary business of the Department shall conform with these procedures.

They have been adopted by a majority vote of the Delegates at the Department Convention and may be amended by a similar vote.

For the purposes of these Bylaws and Regulation the words vote of the membership or delegates or other reference to a member or members    shall mean members in good standing as defined in Section 155 of these Regulations.

Amendments or changes shall be proposed in writing to the Department Judge who shall notify the Department Board of Trustees and the separate Detachments by letter enclosing a copy of each proposed change.  The Adjutant/Paymaster shall present the proposed changes for a vote by the Trustees and delegates present at the next Department meeting. Modifications, additions, or deletions to the original submission, other than minor grammatical changes, must be submitted in writing.  Voting on amendments or changes shall take place no sooner than the next regular business meeting.

The wording of amendments shall be incorporated verbatim into the minutes of the meeting at which it is proposed and if adopted published as a numbered Change to these Procedures.  A separate sheet containing the amendments may be attached to the minutes as an enclosure.

SECTION 101 - HANDLING FUNDS- The Department Commandant and Adjutant/Paymaster is covered under the Bond held by the National Headquarters of The Marine Corps League.  Department funds shall be collected and disbursed by the Adjutant/Paymaster.  A bank account with checking privileges shall be opened in the name of the Department in a Federally Chartered banking or Credit Union.  All funds collected by the Department will be promptly deposited in this account.  Checks written on the Department's account will bare the signatures of both the Commandant and the Adjutant/Paymaster.

(a) The Adjutant/Paymaster will keep an accurate record of all fund collected and disbursed together with supporting documentation so that an audit trail exists.  He shall report at every meeting of the Department Executive Committee and/or Convention the financial condition of the Department and provide a consolidated statement of receipts and disbursements with the current account balance to the Commandant for inclusion in the minutes of the convention or meeting.

(b) The Judge Advocate will annually examine the accounts of the Adjutant/Paymaster reporting to the Commandant the condition of the books.

(c) Upon naming of a new Adjutant/Paymaster:

(1) The outgoing officer shall submit a consolidated account statement as per paragraph 101(a} to the old Commandant showing the condition of the Department's finances and showing the current bank balance.

(2) A review of the accounts of the outgoing Adjutant/Paymaster will be conducted by the Judge Advocate with the old and new Adjutant/Paymaster participating before the before the adjournment of the Convention or meeting where a new official was named.  Routine discrepancies found in the accounts shall be properly noted and supporting documentation entered into the record to adjust the accounts.  Unexplained or unjustified discrepancies will be brought to the attention of both the old and new Department Commandants who shall take appropriate action to resolve the situation.  The new Adjutant/Paymaster shall signify in writing that he accepts the closing balance in relief of the outgoing officer.

SECTION 102 - UNIFORMS - Officers of the Department shall wear the official uniform of the Marine Corps League when representing the Department of Mississippi at any ceremony, activity, or memorial sponsored by any recognized veterans organization or civil government authority.

(a) The choice of wearing the dress or casual uniform shall be at the discretion of the senior Departmental officer attending such function but must be appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion.

SECTION 103 - TRANSFER OF MEMBERSHIP - Any member may transfer between Detachments with the Department without additional payment of local dues or transfer fees.  Member-at-Large must be certified as to good standing by the National Adjutant/Paymaster prior to transfer.

SECTION 104 - DEATH OF A MEMBER - Upon notification of the death of a member of any Detachment of the Department of Mississippi the following protocol shall apply:

(a) The death shall be promptly reported by the effected Detachment Chaplain to the National Headquarters (Chaplain) via the Department Chaplain using a properly completed "Notice of Death" form.

(b) It is expected that all members who are not prevented by distance or unavoidable cause will attend funeral services for the deceased member.

(c) The Department Chaplain will promptly send a note to the family of the deceased presenting an expression of condolences and offering assistance.

SECTION 105 - DEPARTMENT ELECTIONS - Election of Department officers shall be conducted in accordance with the following guidelines:

(a) To encourage wide participation the Department Adjutant/Paymaster will notify all Detachments of the date of the impending election as soon as practicable after the date is set, but at least thirty days prior to the Department Convention or meeting when and where elections will be held.

(b) Any member may place his name or the name of any member who has signified willingness to serve if elected in nomination by written notification to the Department Adjutant at least seven days prior to elections.   A statement of "Willingness To Serve" signed by the nominated individual must be included with the nomination for it to be considered.

(c) Nominations may also be made from the floor by any duly appointed delegate at the Department meeting.  Nominations will be considered beginning with the Department Commandant and preceding down through the hierarchy until at least one nominee for each elective office has been received.   No individual's name will be placed in nomination as a candidate for more than a single office and each nominee must signify willingness to serve if elected.  The slate of nominations is considered complete when there is at least one candidate for each elected office.  The nominations will be closed and a vote of the Trustees and delegates taken.  Where there is only one nominee for an office, election may be by voice vote, otherwise a secretly written ballot shall be conducted.

(d) Only members of the Board of Trustees and appointed Detachment delegates shall be eligible to vote for Department officers.

(e) The candidate receiving the most votes for each office shall be announced as the winner for that office.  In the event of a tie vote the matter shall immediately be settled by a coin toss or cut of the cards.

(f) In the case where a secret ballot is necessary the Adjutant/Paymaster will distribute paper ballot material to the membership.  The voting members shall indicate their choice of candidates by writing the name of the candidate on the ballot.  The Adjutant/Paymaster will collect the ballots.  The Adjutant/Paymaster and the Junior Vice Commandant will tally them and report to the Commandant in writing the results of the balloting.  The Commandant will promptly announce the results of the balloting for each office.

(g) In the absence of the Adjutant/Paymaster or the Junior Vice-Commandant.  The Commandant will appoint a delegate from one of the Detachments as substitute.

SECTION 106 - APPOINTED OFFICERS - The new Commandant will name his staff of appointed officers and announce them in open session of the Convention so they may be installed with the elected officers.

SECTION 107 - INSTALLATION OF OFFICERS - Installation of newly elected officers should be conducted by the Southeast Division Commandant or his representative. In the absence of a representative from the Division the Detachment Commandants present at the Convention shall select one of their number to administer the oath of office to the newly elected Department officers.

(a) The Installing Officer shall then and there certify the Report of Installation of Officers and see to its prompt transmittal to National Headquarters via the Division Commandant.

SECTION 108 - INABILITY TO SERVE - Should an elected officer be unable to serve for any reason including: resignation, transfer out of the area, health or inactivity, he may be replaced in accordance with the following procedures:

(a) The Commandant will ascertain by questioning the affected officer whether he is unable to effectively carry out his duties.  Should this be the case the Commandant will declare the office vacant and will then, within thirty days, make an interim appointment to fill the vacant office.

(b) An election to fill the office for the remainder of the term shall be conducted the next Department Convention.

SECTION 109 - DUTIES OF OFFICERS - Duties of the Department officers shall, in addition to those prescribed by the National Headquarters Marine Corps League, are enumerated as follows:

COMMANDANT: presides at Department meetings as prescribed by the League Ritual; appoints standing and ad hoc committees as necessary; advises all committees; and directs Department activities in the Community; shall sign checks together with the Adjutant/Paymaster in payment of debts by the authorized by the Trustees, and ensures that all Departments officers perform the duties of their office in a correct and timely fashion.  He or a properly designated alternate shall preside at the Installation of Detachment officers.

SENIOR VICE-COMMANDANT: shall assist the Commandant as needed; during the absence or illness of the Commandant performs the duties of that office except that signing checks is not authorized; is an ex officio member of all Committees, and with their assistance initiate and implement such programs as will increase the effectiveness of The MCL.

JUNIOR VICE-COMMANDANT: creates and promulgates such membership incentives and programs as will promote continuous membership growth.  Seek to identify areas where new Detachments may be established within the State of Mississippi. In absence or Illness of the Commandant or Senior Vice-Commandant he shall perform the duties of the absent officer.  Further in the absence of the Adjutant he
shall take the minutes of the meeting and promptly forward them to the Adjutant.

JUDGE ADVOCATE: interprets the Detachment, Department, or National Bylaws.  He will advise, construe, counsel and render opinions on questions of law and procedure for the Department Commandant during meetings; make decisions on the interpretations of Department written policies in dispute or, if unable to do this, refers the problem to the next higher echelon of the MCL.  Assures that the policies and procedures of the Department in conformity with the National Bylaws.  Examine the financial accounts of the Department annually.


(a) Keep a typewritten or neatly handwritten record of the proceedings at all Department and Trustee meetings, handles and keeps a record of the Departments correspondence as directed by the Commandant; mails notice of meetings, elections, and special events to the Commandant and Adjutant of the several Detachments; reports the election of officers and to National Headquarters; performs such other duties as directed by the Commandant.

(b) Keeps a ledger reflecting a true account of all moneys received and expended by the Department; maintains the bank account; is a cosigner of the Departments checks, writes checks and disburses funds as approved by the Department; maintains receipts and records reflecting the nature and amount of each receipt and disbursement;  reports the financial condition of the Department at regular meetings, and performs such other duties as maybe assigned by the Commandant.

SERGEANT AT ARMS: Shall set up the meeting room as prescribed by the Ritual, shall participate in the presentation and honoring of the colors at meeting and ceremonies, assure order during the meeting, take a participating role at meetings as prescribed by the Ritual.

CHAPLAIN: pronounce the prayer at opening and adjournment of meetings, performs aligned role in induction of all new members as prescribed by the League Ritual; takes an active part in all memorial and funeral services in which his Department participates; forwards the report of death of members received from Detachment Chaplains; advises the Commandant in instances where the League may assist Marines in need; and performs such other duties as the Commandant shall direct.

SECTION 110 - TRUSTEES - The Trustees may meet in Executive session at the call of the Commandant.  Decisions of the Trustees shall be by majority vote.  The duties of the Trustees shall be to:

(a) Conduct the business of the Department in accordance with the Bylaws and Administrative Procedures.  To expand the membership of the League and seek to establish new Detachments in the Department.

(b) Provide advice and guidance to the membership so that the financial resources of the Department are utilized in a prudent manner.

(c) Insure that the Department does not incur any financial obligation in excess of the available funds on deposit at the date of incurring the obligation unless suitable credit arrangements have been made.  The Trustees shall be vested with absolute authority to prohibit an over obligation funds.

(d) Cause an examination of the Department's financial records to be taken annually and report the results during the Convention.

SECTION 111 - DUES - The Department establishes and levies an annual dues of three dollars per member to be paid upon renewal of annual membership.  The number of members in good standing on roles of each Detachment as published by the National Headquarters shall be used to determine the number of voting delegates at Department Conventions.

SECTION 112 - GOOD STANDING - Only members in good standing may be appointed as delegates to the Department Convention, Members are considered to be in good standing except when:

(a) Required dues are not paid on or before the membership expiration date as shown on the roster of Membership provided by Headquarters-Marine Corps League or the expiration date shown on the member's card.

(b) Indebted to the Department of National Headquarters or under suspension according to Chapter Nine, Section 930 of the National Administrative procedures.

SECTION 113 - GRIEVANCES AND DISCIPLINE - matters of grievance and discipline shall be handled by the Department in accordance with Chapter Nine of Administrative Procedures of the Marine Corps League.

SECTION 114 - FUND RAISING - The National Organization has given permission to Departments to engage in fund raising activities.  They are to be conducted in accordance with the regulations contained in Chapter Ten 10 Administrative Instructions, Marine Corps League.  These regulations include the following provisions: (a) Funds raised shall be for the sole benefit of the Department or its Detachments less such expenses incurred, (b) The Department shall receive account for and disburse all funds collected, (c) These activities may not violate any Federal, State, County, or municipal law or ordinance or reflect discredit upon the Marine Corps League.

(a) The Department Trustees shall determine what constitutes a benefit to the Department.  Support of recognized national and local charities and youth groups reflect favorable public opinion upon the Department and the Marine Corps League and are considered beneficial to the Department.  Donations to local non-profit charities and properly organized groups whose objectives coincide with the objectives and purposes of the Marine Corps League are also considered to be of benefit to the Department.